Hazel is arrested!

Aaron arrives at the police station with Cain and an anxious Paddy and Chas are already there waiting for him. When Aaron is questioned by the police he tries to convince them he was carrying out Jackson’s wishes but afterwards both he and Hazel are released on bail.

Meanwhile Alicia blurts out to Jacob that Leyla is going to propose to David. Big mistake. Alicia then advises Leyla that she should propose to David as quickly as possible or the secret might not be safe for long.

Adam pushes Mia away when she is less than sympathetic about Aaron’s part in Jackson’s death but Ella is ready and waiting to give her ex-lover a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

*episode two*

Outside the police station Paddy and Chas are furious with Hazel blaming her for allowing Aaron to be part of Jackson’s assisted suicide. Arriving back at Dale Head the police take Jackson’s body away and a tearful Hazel wants to go with him but is told she can’t. Jerry arrives and accuses Hazel of killing Jackson because she didn’t want to look after him. With Jerry’s words still ringing in their ears Hazel and Aaron struggle to come to terms with the aftermath of Jackson’s death and Aaron wonders if he’s done the right thing after all.

Chas tries desperately to be there for Aaron but he pushes her away. Sobbing alone outside, Carl tries to comfort her and it’s not long before he’s consoling her with a passionate kiss.

Unaware that Leyla is about to pop the question David tells Alicia and Jacob that he’s planning to propose to Leyla. He tells them to make sure Leyla gets to the BandB later, but he’s forgotten the ring. When Leyla arrives David proposes instead with an IOU note but Leyla refuses. She insist on proposing herself and David says “yes”.

When Moira discovers Ella has given Adam a lift home she asks him if he is still having an affair with her. Before he can answer the police arrive to question him about Jackson’s death.

Meanwhile Jimmy tells Carl that he remembers what Carl did to their father.