Hazel leaves Minty!

Minty tells Garry that he is sad that he will never be a dad and Hazel overhears. Hazel runs off before hearing Minty telling Garry that he’d rather have Hazel than a child. Hazel packs up and tells Garry that she’s leaving Minty and Walford. Garry tells Minty that Hazel doesn’t love him any more and a devastated Minty punches Garry, blaming him for driving Hazel away.

Clare needs a job and Dot puts in a good word for her with Tanya at the salon. Meanwhile, Yolande pleads with Tanya to give Chelsea back her job. Chelsea is fuming when Tanya gives both her and Clare an interview. Chelsea is smug when she gets the job, but it may not be the last she sees of Clare…

Christian is disappointed when the first booking for the new catering company turns out to be a kids’ party. Christian ropes in Roxy to help him out when Ian swans off on a business lunch. Christian is furious when Ian fails to have the food ready in time and he is forced to improvise with a box of burgers. Christian tells Ian that he will be managing the business from now on.

Also, Dot offers Jean a job in the launderette.

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