It’s day one of Aaron’s trial for the murder of Jackson. We all know it wasn’t murder and Hazel knows it wasn’t murder, but the Prosecution are determined to prove it was murder. Being a Dingle and being Cain’s half-sister, Chas knows how tricky the Prosecution can be and is worried that Hazel will be no match for the barrister. She’s right to be worried, too, as Hazel is tripped up as she testifies and drops Aaron right in it. It’s not a good start – and it’s not going to get better…

Ella thinks she’s won her battle to keep Declan and Katie apart. Mia thinks her dad has dumped Katie, too and tells him that, because of that, she’ll try to keep Ella in Britain. But Declan doesn’t feel relieved about that, just guilty. And Ella? Well, her threat to move to Singapore was a bluff. But Mia doesn’t know that.

Sam’s got his own issues as a father. With the rest of the Dingle clan sitting (uncomfortably) in court to support Aaron, Sam has to mind Samson and Belle and takes them to work, where Samson is distinctly unimpressed.