Head Teacher Karen has a naughty husband

New Head Teacher Karen Fisher is turning Waterloo Road into a family business. She has daughter Jess and son Harry as students and now she’s adding husband Charlie (Ian Puleston Davies – also currently in Coronation Street as builder Owen) as a maths teacher. But, unlike his dedicated wife, Charlie is not so conscientious – especially at home.

Life in the Fisher family home has never been the same since daughter Bex disappeared and that trauma rears its ugly head and causes more grief for Karen as the term continues. Despite Deputy Head Chris’s unintentional extra-curricular activity with Karen’s Sixth Form daughter Jess, he’s still at the school and getting on well with Karen. Jess doesn’t like this at all and publishes a damning article in the school magazine blaming Karen for Bex’s disappearance. Jess is pleased with herself, but her spiteful actions have traumatic consequences for younger brother Harry (Ceallach Spellman – Blue Murder).

Harry’s a sweet lad with a biting sense of humour – and little faith in his flirtatious father. So he’s worried when he finds his dad has planned to meet gorgeous new Spanish teacher Cesca (Karen David) for lunch… And Harry’s horrified when he sees what Jess has done. That’s when we see how he copes with the family upsets: by binge-eating then vomiting.