There’s more heartache for Terese

Terese suffers personal and professional blows

The Udagwas demand a full audit of the Lassiters complex. Terese is devastated when she hears the news, as she knows this may result in the Udagwas pulling their financial investment from the business. Gary does his best to comfort her, but once again Paul has the right words and actions to get Terese through the difficult time. Will Terese lose her investors and will she lose Gary when he finds out that Paul has been her shoulder to lean on once more?

With Dipi concerned that Mishti’s casual hook-up is the start of destructive behaviour, Shane finally decides to come clean and tell Dipi a secret that he’s been holding back. The night that Mishti found out that the charges against the driver who killed her fiancé were being dropped, she went off the rails. Shane was with her at the time and had to stop her committing a reckless crime. In fact, Mishti’s act of self destruction on that night caused her to lose her job in the police force – what exactly was Mishti planning to do? Also, will Dipi forgive Shane for keeping her sister’s secret?

Also, Amy takes Jimmy to hospital for his regular check-up and runs into Nick. At the hospital, Nick makes a candid confession to Amy and it results in Amy making a shocking move…