Heartbreak for Adam

*First episode*

Now Vanessa knows that Adam is not Johnny’s father. It’s devastating for her, but even more so for Adam. He has been by the baby’s side since his premature birth and has fallen completely in love with him. When Vanessa tearfully tells him Johnny’s not his son, Adam reacts badly… But that’s not all that Vanessa has to deal with. The DNA lab has told her that the original test also ruled out Adam as the baby’s father. So how has such a terrible mistake happened? Things are going to get awkward for Rakesh when she starts asking questions…

Ashley’s children, Gabby and Arthur, have awkward questions, too, when he sits them down and tells them he has dementia.

Chas, meanwhile, is pretending there’s nothing awkward about Gordon being back in her life, despite Aaron’s pleas for her not to see him. Lying about going to the brewery, Chas meets up with Gordon and has a steamy session in his car, where Gordon says he wants to take things to the next level… Does that mean next time he’ll book a hotel room?