Heartbreak for Dylan?

Doctor Dylan Keogh hopes a reunion with his estranged wife, Sam, is on the horizon – but he’s in for a nasty shock. In recent months, Sam and Dylan have become closer in the run-up to her General Medical Council (GMC) hearing, where it was revealed she shot and killed a civilian in Afghanistan. After the trial, Sam kissed Dylan, thankful for his support, and it gave him hope a reconciliation was on the cards.

Sam, however, has decided their marriage is finished and taken steps to finalise it. This week at the beginning of her shift, Sam (Charlotte Salt) notices her solicitor has sent Dylan a letter about divorce proceedings – before she’s had a chance to tell him herself. Panicked, Sam steals the letter, hoping to buy herself some time. Zoe sees her, and when she questions Sam’s actions, is shocked to hear she’s divorcing Dylan and he doesn’t know yet!

Sam asks Dylan if he’s free to talk after work so she can break the bad news, and he readily agrees thinking they’re going on a date. He books a table at an Italian restaurant, smartens himself up and is determined to get their marriage back on track, believing they can work out their problems.

When Dylan asks Zoe her opinion on what he should wear to dinner, Zoe gives Sam a stern warning – stop messing Dylan about and come clean!

Sam gives an utterly shocked Dylan his divorce papers. Dylan, feeling hurt and betrayed, takes his frustrations on Zoe when he discovers she knew what was going on all along.