A heartbroken Sean moves out in Corrie

Sean storms out when Phelan reveals Eileen knew about Todd and Billy's relationship

Eileen suggests to Sean and Todd they put the past behind them but when Phelan lets slip that Eileen knew about Todd and Billy’s relationship, Sean storms out. Eileen feels terrible while Todd clocks Phelan’s triumphant smile. As Phelan and Todd see Eileen off on her trip to Thailand, Todd tells Phelan he knows he levered Sean out on purpose. Meanwhile, Steve offers Sean the sofa for the night.

Anna despairs and Faye’s thrilled when Gary announces that he’s determined to try and make a go of it with Izzy for Jake’s sake.

Nick calls in the bistro and is pleased to see that the place is a shambles. Aware of the strain they’re all under, Robert promises Steph, Andy and Zeedan he’ll sort them out with a bonus but the staff remain underwhelmed.

Sarah calls in the gym looking for Bethany and Gary suggests she should join so she can spend more time with her daughter. Grabbing a bottle of wine, Aidan suggests to Eva they head up to his bedroom, but his plans are thwarted when tearful Sean emerges from the Rovers back room and launches himself at Eva.