Heath is panicking about the visit from the social worker, desperate to prove he’s a good father. Bianca tries to keep him in check and when he’s asked about his criminal history, she steps in to ensure it all comes out right. The interview seems to have gone well but as the social worker is leaving, Brax and Casey return arguing and Heath feels they’ve created a bad impression.

Celia tells Alf she has a gambling addiction and her brother is stunned. The following morning, she decides she has to leave but Marilyn catches her and persuades her to stay, at least until Alf returns from work. He learns of her antics and asks her to stay, providing she gets help.

Tamara returns to Summer Bay, telling Casey her family have rejected her over her brother’s death. She also confesses her abusive former boyfriend is looking for her. Casey insists she stay with him but she’s annoyed to find that Casey and Brax are planning to track down her ex, Nelson. She decides to leave but Casey persuades her to stay. That night, Tamara wakes him to tell him she’s returned because of him, prompting a passionate response from Casey.