Heath and Bianca share a moment

Liam and Bianca set plans in motion to leave Summer Bay and start a new life and, with Liam having resigned from Angelo’s, he feels the sooner, the better. April is shocked when she overhears Leah and Irene discussing it and soon lets on to Heath, who approaches her with the intention of talking her out of leaving.

As he talks to her on the beach, the baby kicks for the first time and Heath and Bianca share a moment… which is seen by Liam. Furious, he storms off with Bianca following and when she asks if he’s still happy about the baby, he can’t respond positively, sending Bianca into turmoil.

Lottie and Dex seem to have hit it off instantly, making April question her own relationship with Dex. When April is upset that Bianca was aiming to leave without telling her, Dex runs to her rescue but it soon seems to him that she’s only interested in him because another girl is in the frame and he storms off.