Heath comes between Bianca and April

Bianca is astounded to learn that April slept with Heath. Liam wonders why this bothers Bianca so much and wonders if she is jealous. Liam lets slip to Heath that it was April’s first time. Heath is shocked and deliberately gives April the brush-off in an attempt to extricate himself from the situation. April is crushed.

Dex sees April and Heath in a passionate embrace and is heartbroken. He goes to see Dallas at the Surf Club, and asks her to sleep with him. She doesn’t take kindly to his suggestion and is angry with him at being so forward. She explains that sleeping with her won’t make him feel any better about April and Heath. She convinces Dex to go and talk to April and try to be friends.

Irene is feeling better after her close call with cancer and decides to enjoy the sunshine and go sailing. She sets off on the boat and is having a great time… until she collapses. Irene is left alone and adrift at sea.