Heath decides to step up and help Brax

Brax wants Ricky, but she’s not sure they can continue without damaging Brax’s relationship with Casey. Heath decides he wants to be there for his brothers, convincing Brax to go after Ricky. A grateful Brax takes off, whisking Ricky away for some romantic time alone. Zac witnesses Natalie watching Brax and Ricky leave with an unmistakably wistful look. After Brax leaves, Bianca and Heath are overwhelmed with happiness when Darcy returns, but Bianca becomes apprehensive when she sees Darcy is with Connie.

Zac arrives home to Leah’s redecorated place and Natalie wants them to resume their relationship. Zac convinces himself that Natalie’s over Brax, but after seeing her sadness upon watching Brax with Ricky, Zac confronts her and Natalie admits that she’s not over him.

She and Zac end things and Natalie moving out. Leah’s sad to see them end things, and Zac reveals she’s always had a void in her life after her mother left.

Dex is deflated after he failed to achieve even one thing on his bucket list. April is saddened that the failed proposal has punctured Dex’s enthusiasm for life, and asks Sid if she can have full use of the farm tomorrow. She wants Dex to realise his dreams, and decides to help him tick off his bucket list.