Heath flexes his muscles with Bianca

Xavier tells April about Bianca cheating on Liam with Heath. April has a go at Bianca and is worried about what this means for her and Liam. Bianca is horrified people have found out and has a face-off with Heath. Charlie witnesses the fight and breaks it up. Bianca tells her why they were fighting and Charlie tries to charge Heath with something. Heath sees through it and confronts Bianca for setting her cop friend onto him. He warns her – don’t make him mad.

Marty and Roo are strolling along the boardwalk, on the day after the wedding. They bump into Sid and he announces he’s going back to Sydney. Marty tries to make Roo see sense – it’s clear she is in love and if Sid leaves, she’s missing a great opportunity. Roo tries to stop him but she’s too late…

Marilyn counsels Dex on his relationship problems, but she should really take some of her own advice. Full of courage, Dex meets April and surprises her with a kiss. April shuts him down and dismisses it as a silly little crush. But later, she regrets her decision and admits she has feelings for him too. They share another kiss, but she decides she has to tell Xavier.

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