Heath bumps into Bianca and the two have a chat. Heath then finds Liam at the Surf Club and riles him over the fact that Bianca says they’ve broken up. When Liam confronts Bianca about this, she demands some space. Liam decides to give her exactly what she wants – he finishes with her.

Brax is concerned that the River Boys are hell bent on revenge since Jake’s gang beat up Heath. He warns them against making the first move. Stirred up with feelings of loyalty, Stu excitedly shows off his new ‘Blood and Sand’ tattoo, cementing his place with the River Boys.

But then Casey is stalked by Hammer’s car and confesses to Brax he’s scared of Jake’s crew, so Brax decides he and Heath will move in with Casey. Ignoring Brax’s advice, Heath and Stu find Hammer’s car and trash it. In retaliation, Jake’s crew steal Heath’s Mustang and burn it. The gang war is on!

Irene nervously awaits the results of her biopsy and is strung out and emotional. Choosing to struggle in silence, she takes out her frustration on the unsuspecting people around her. Later, at the hospital, Irene receives the diagnosis she was dreading. It’s cancer.