Heath gives help where it’s not wanted

Attempting to cheer up Bianca, April takes her out shopping and they return with a baby cot, which will need John’s help to assemble. Heath overhears April asking him, however, and breaks into their house to erect it while they’re out. Bianca realises Heath’s the one who’s built it and thanks him, but warns him not to get too invested in the baby. She doesn’t want to see him hurt. Later, Bianca realises something’s wrong and she and April head for the hospital.

Xavier sees Jett running away as Heath discovers a dumped purse – it’s Indi’s and her money’s gone. Gina is still giving Jett the benefit of the doubt and tries to pay him and his mother a visit but Jett won’t let her in as his mum’s sick again. Xavier is suspicious and pays Jett’s mother a visit but she won’t allow him in either. And when Gina finds out, she’s furious that Xavier tried to take the matter into his own hands.

Ruby suggests starting a surfing business together with Romeo but he’s unhappy about her fronting all the money. And Indi borrows Sid’s car but damages it while she’s out.