Heath goes too far

Heath makes a crack too many to Liam about Bianca’s baby and a fight erupts at Angelo’s, which is only stopped when Brax intervenes. Later, Heath tells his brother about being the father of the baby.

Meanwhile, Brax’s strange behaviour towards Leah and his decision to have nothing more to do with VJ leaves her confused. In addition, VJ is hurt by Brax’s rejection and he’s later caught drinking with some of the River Boys. Leah assumes that his attitude is to do with Liam and Bianca’s problems and confronts him, forcing Brax to reveal that he’s been told she’s in love with him and wants her to keep her distance.

Elsewhere, Elijah tells Marilyn that he’d told Brax about Leah’s feelings, and that he’s decided to leave the Bay for a fresh start at another parish.

Also, Eddie is eager for Liam to listen to the studio recording he made with Irene, but Liam quickly realises that Eddie has stolen his lyrics.