Heath panics when Darcy goes missing

Heath is terrified when he finds Darcy missing in the morning. Brax finds Darcy nursing a broken arm and she explains she ran away because she was scared going to hospital would put their custody battle at risk.

Hannah sneaks Andy out of the farmhouse to avoid seeing Zac. When Andy arrives home he finds Josh sleeping with the bag of marijuana. When Hannah invites Andy back to the farmhouse, he hides the drugs in farmhouse shed. Hannah is unaware of his actions and is in shock when Sergeant Emerson arrives at the surf club to question him.

Oscar tells Zac he overheard him telling Hannah he wants to move out of the farmhouse. Zac admits he has been thinking about the decision for a while. When Oscar lets the news slip to Evelyn, she assumes Zac is leaving because of Hannah and Andy.

Josh sees Andy being led away by the police. Upset about the situation Josh confronts Spencer and punches him for calling the cops. However, Josh and Evelyn are surprised when Spencer claims he didn’t call the police.