Bianca has a meeting with the principal of Mangrove River High but Heath realises it’s Ms Montgomery, the principal who dobbed him into the cops. They have a nasty run-in at the Diner. Montgomery tells Bianca there’s been an error – that she has been listed as Vice Principal when she should be principal. Bianca tells her that there’s no error. Bianca is principal. Montgomery warns Bianca that she needs to relinquish her position. Meanwhile, Heath begins studying again, he’s going to prove Montgomery wrong.

Casey wants to return to work, but Indi’s concerned with his health. Meanwhile, Tamara sets up a beautiful date with Casey, and Kyle can’t help but feel left out.

Jett is heartbroken when Nina unexpectedly breaks up with him. Jett contacts Nina who tearfully reveals that her parents are worried about sending her to an interstate boarding school.

Robyn overhears Irene and Marilyn talking about Indi’s loss, so she tells Chris and Indi that her father died a few days ago. Robyn enjoys her lie and when she goes to meet Chris for a ‘date’ where he plans to console her, she spots Kyle pining over Tamara. Robyn advises Kyle that, if he lies, Tamara will be putty in his hands. Kyle realises Robyn’s been lying and tips Chris and Indi off.