Heath is struggling to accept Bianca’s request for a divorce. Irene tries to talk some sense into Bianca but she has made up her mind. Later, Irene starts to worry that she hasn’t heard from Heath, little does she know he’s on the verge of spiralling out of control…

Meanwhile, Evelyn is still distraught that Josh has another girlfriend and continues to take her anger out on Matt. Will Evelyn’s push Matt too far or can he continue to be her punching bag?

John decides to ignore Tori’s advice and return to his old hectic lifestyle. Marilyn tries to talk some sense into him, but fails. Can Alf do any better to convince John to slow down?

Also, Jeannie and Brody continue to clash over her beliefs. Will the pair be able to move things forward in their relationship – or are Jeannie and Brody too different to make things work?