Heath struggles to deal with Bianca’s illness

Sid confirms that Bianca’s pre-eclampsia is putting her and the baby at risk and they’re going to keep her in to monitor her. Even though Bianca has asked for Heath to be present, he can’t handle the situation and storms out.

April catches up with him and explains that Bianca needs his support, but Heath heads off to get drunk instead, eventually turning up at Angelo’s and accusing Liam of being the cause of Bianca’s health problems. Later, Brax tells Heath some home truths, claiming he’s just as bad as their dad was.

Lottie patches things up with her mother and apologises to Dex for her reaction the previous day. Later, Dex sees April and, realising what she’s going through, offers to help her get things organised, but their time together reignites his feelings for her. Recognising that Dex is juggling the affections of two girls, Sid advises his son to make up his mind.

Lottie suggests that she and Roo throw Harvey a surprise picnic to cheer him up but Harvey storms off, claiming he needs time to himself. Later, Roo eventually gets through to him and Harvey finally opens up to the love of his daughter and girlfriend.