Heath struggles to give up Harley

Heath hears that Harley is OK to come out of hospital, and decides to go to Melbourne for Jess’s funeral. Bianca is concerned that Heath is having second thoughts about giving Harley back, but he assure her he isn’t. Later, Irene tells Bianca that giving up the baby is killing Heath and Bianca agrees. But she arrives home too late, Heath has already left.

Oscar’s guilt increases when he sees Tamara at the Diner. Meanwhile, Evelyn starts asking Hannah questions about whether Tamara might ever remember the accident increasing Zac’s guilt as well as Evelyn and Oscar’s. Zac confesses to Hannah that he may have been the one who hit Tamara. Maddy tries to ask Evelyn about her interest in Spencer but, pre-occupied about Tamara’s accident, Evelyn snaps at Maddy to stay out of it. She then snaps at Spencer, who offers to help her but Evelyn can’t tell him the truth.

Oscar decides he needs to tell the truth about the accident when he see the police at school, he can’t let Zac go down for this. When Sergeant Emerson arrives and asks to see Zac’s car, Zac is surprised to find that his car is gone.

Also, Josh realises he has lots in Summer Bay and he wants Andy to stay but he refuses.