Heath tries to wake Bianca

Dex and April tell Heath that talking to Bianca may bring her out of her coma so, when nobody’s around, he gives it a try and, sure enough, Bianca wakes up. April’s overjoyed but concerned to see that her sister is very emotional. Her worries are confirmed when Bianca insists she doesn’t want to see her baby.

Romeo confronts Ruby over her warning Indi to stay away from them, insisting she has every right to see him. Meanwhile, in an attempt to pay back her debts sooner, Indi takes Marilyn’s advice to try modelling and meets with an agent. All is looking good until the agent insists she has a portfolio made up, something that will cost her $1000.

Distraught, Indi apologises to Romeo and breaks down in his arms but Ruby walks in and flies into a rage at seeing the two together. After a heart-to-heart with Alf, Romeo decides he and Ruby have to split but, as he’s about to tell her, she drops a bombshell – she’s pregnant!