Heath turns to the law

Brax learns that Liam has quit his job and intends to move away with Bianca and tries to get Liam to reconsider, but he’s in no mood to change his mind after Heath’s recent antics. When he walks in on Heath’s more mature attempt to agree a compromise with Bianca, Liam is angered and refuses to listen, so Heath is forced to rely on the law. Later that day, he presents them a court order to prevent them from leaving with his unborn baby.

After his break-up with Henri, Casey is heartbroken and feigning sickness to stay off school. Brax is concerned but doesn’t know the reasons for his little brother’s demeanour, so asks Henri to talk to him. Casey’s shocked when she turns up and Henri tries to explain again that things between them are over. They share a final kiss but VJ arrives and sees them together.

Attempting to get over her crush on Brax, Leah joins an online dating site. Although she gets a lot of responses from eligible bachelors, she’s hesitant about going out on a date with any of them.