Heath wants another baby

When Bianca talks to Zac he inadvertently reveals that Rosie’s pregnant. Bianca decides to help her by researching options for pregnant teenagers. Zac wants to talk out their issues, but he and Natalie just end up arguing. At work, Zac tries to apologise, but Natalie’s not interested. The pair bicker at school, and Bianca puts them in their places. They apologise, but are not sure how they’re supposed to move on with their relationship. Meanwhile, Heath tells Bianca she did the right thing, and reveals he’d like to have another baby.

April reveals that being in Dex’s bed reminds her of his fling with Steph. They decide to perform a ‘Steph exorcism’ and throw out Dex’s bed. Heath’s keen for them all to hang out since they’re around the house, but April and Dex hesitate. Dex realises that Heath could be lonely and he tells him they should try and get along. Later, Dex gets a phone call from his boss, he has to go in front of the board to explain his actions.

Jett worries that Gina would be sad that he’s got a girlfriend. Harvey sees John is finding it hard to manage life without Gina. Jett tells John that Nina wants a proper date and John suggests he takes her to Angelo’s.