Heather causes trouble for Tam

After seeing her steal money from Viv’s purse, Geoff insists Tam return the cash. Tam refuses, only to discover Heather won big and gave it all back anyway. She explains to Geoff what’s happened, but tells him she can’t give the cash back, scared she’ll be caught if she does.

Geoff agrees not to grass Tam up, but ends up later buckling under Irene’s questioning, leaving Irene with no choice but to fire Heather. Elsewhere, Ric reluctantly agrees to return Tam’s stolen cash to Viv.

Ric agrees to organise a birthday bash for Viv, but is hurt when Viv just treats him like a glorified waiter. But when Ric finds Viv upset after a phone call from her husband who can’t make it, he feels some sympathy for her.

Later, Matilda arrives at Summer Bay House and is shocked to find Ric’s phone full of messages from Viv. Ric maintains his innocence, but Matilda is devastated to spot Viv give Ric a kiss, unaware she’s just thanking him for returning Tam’s stolen cash.

Having agreed to attend a counselling session with Sally, Brad starts having second thoughts, concerned it’s all too much of a rush. Sally is left wondering if there’s any way back for her and Brad.

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