Heather has a baby boy

Heather‘s waters have broken and Pat hotwires the ice cream van to rush her to hospital. Shirley hears the ice cream van jingle and thinks the van – and her drugs – has been stolen. Shirley confesses to Phil about the drugs in the van. Phil gets a call from Peggy and he and Shirley rush to the hospital. By the time they arrive Heather has had her baby – a little boy named George Michael Trott.

Libby panics after discovering Darren’s intentions. Owen takes Libby for a drink and Libby confesses that she’s not ready to be tied down. Later at the cafe Darren pleads his case to Libby and proposes again and she has a change of heart and agrees. Darren and Libby head to the Vic to quietly celebrate their engagement.

Jay tells Jean that Billy is lonely and pushes her into going on a date with Billy. Jay tells Billy that Jean wants to go out with him and he reluctantly meets Jean for a meal in the Vic. The date is a disaster and Jean and Billy realises Jay has been playing cupid. Billy calls a halt to the date and Jean reveals she only came because she thought he was lonely.