Heather is murdered!

Heather agrees to Andrew’s suggestion they elope after Shirley rejects her and she discovers Rose has destroyed her wedding dress. Heather heads to the Beales’ to do her cleaning job, unwittingly setting off a deadly chain of events… Ben discovers Heather is in the kitchen while he was talking with Ian about his lies and panics that she overheard. Ben admits all to Heather and begs her not to grass him up. She promises she won’t let him get hurt, but she insists that he tell the truth.

Andrew is hurt when Heather is dismissive as she desperately searches for Shirley to discuss Ben’s confession. Worrying that Shirley will always come first, Andrew tells Heather he’s leaving Walford with or without her at 6pm. When Shirley won’t talk to Heather, she heads home to pack, and picks up the phone to leave Shirley a heartfelt message.

Heather is interrupted by the door and leaves the phone off the hook. A raging Ben barges in and accuses her of grassing him up to Marsden. Ben whacks Heather around the head with a picture frame just as Jay arrives to warn Ben that Phil has been released. Heather stumbles, hits her head on the kitchen worktop and falls lifeless to the floor…