Heather makes a big call

Heather gets upset when Shirley tries to find out who George’s father is and Shirley agrees to drop it. Heather makes a call and leaves a message to a mystery man saying that he’s a father. Meanwhile, Phil, Billy and Minty all receive a call, but could it really be from Heather?

Shirley tells Phil that she needs rent money. Phil takes the bag of drugs and goes to see Jack. Phil tells Jack that he’s come to get Shirley’s money back and he wants him to buy the drugs with added interest. Jack hands Phil the cash and Phil tips the white powder into Jack’s hand so that Jack can’t sell it on.

Libby reveals her fears to Darren that Denise will be furious when she returns from her holiday to find Owen in the Square. Darren comforts Libby and presents her with an engagement ring. The couple go to the Vic for champagne and news of their engagement gets out. Libby stands up to make an announcement, just as Denise walks through the doors!

Also, Tamwar goes to the Vic to celebrate his birthday despite Zainab’s objections; Billy and Jay wonder where they’re going to live; Minty tells an unimpressed Manda how he really feels about Adam.