Heather heads to Dot’s for her hen night, but she’s still troubled by Andrew’s confession. Heather admits to Shirley that she’s not sure she can marry Andrew now she knows about his past. Shirley insists that Heather ditch Andrew immediately and suggests she announce now that the wedding is off. A flustered Heather instead keeps her worries to herself as the hens head to the club and she manages to get in the party spirit.

Meanwhile, Patrick organises a stag night for Andrew, who is touched when Jay, Alfie, Billy and Ray arrive wearing ‘Cot and Trott tie the knot’ stag do hoodies. Andrew slips away to explain to Heather the man he beat up was a violent ex of Rose’s. Andrew asks Heather to elope with him to get away from the Square. Shirley is stunned when Heather chooses Andrew over her.

Ian is in a dilemma over Ben’s confession, especially when Jay mentions how bad Ben had it in the Young Offenders Institution. Ian has food for thought after talking to Patrick when Patrick says he wished he’d shopped his son Paul to the police, as he’d still be alive now. Ian visits Marsden and tells her that Ben’s statement was a pack of lies.