Shirley talks Heather into throwing a sickie and takes her out for a posh meal, but it’s fun and games when Shirley has a set-to with the waitress and pushes her face into a gateaux! Later, Heather is heartbroken when Vinnie lets slip that Shirley is going on the rally with him. Heather begs Phil to make Shirley stay and tells him that Shirley is in love with him!

Max tells Keeble he’s sure that Tanya is lying and Jack drove the car. Max discovers that Ronnie gave Jack and alibi and he confronts her. Max goes to the club and tells Jack he knows the alibi is fake, but Jack isn’t rattled. Max is stunned when Lauren tells him she’s moving in with Jack.

Tony makes the final arrangements to take Lauren to the gig but he’s left seething when Max grounds Lauren. Whitney dolls herself up and flirts with Tony in desperation to get him to notice her. Tony violently orders a sobbing Whitney to scrub off her make up just as Ricky walks in. Ricky demands to know what’s going on…

Also, Denise and Lucas are set up on a date; Ian is stunned when Lucy hands him the 1,000 quid he challenged her to get!

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