Heather’s baby is on the way!

Heather is delighted when Patrick, Peggy and Pat organise a surprise baby shower and they give her baby items and money. Heather puts the money into a jar, but Shirley secretly borrows the money and buys a bag of drugs to sell. Meanwhile, the baby shower guests are just leaving when Heather goes into labour.

Archie spies Sam and Jack talking. Archie tells Janine that time is running out for their plan. Janine finds Sam looking after Liam and invites Sam to a bridal event, secretly planning to make her miss her appointment at the police station and break her bail. Janine is touched when she sees Sam bonding with Liam and tells Archie she couldn’t go through with it, but Archie seems to have his own plan…

Darren feels snubbed when he calls out to Libby and she doesn’t hear him. Minty and Billy joke about Darren getting the cold shoulder. Later, Libby sees Darren heading into Masala Masood and is surprised to find him with Owen. Darren confesses that he arranged to meet Owen so he could ask for Libby’s hand in marriage!

Also, Peggy asks Billy and Jay to move out and Billy helps Jean when a thief tries to steal flowers from her stall.