Ben tries to get rid of the picture frame before Heather’s funeral, but is forced to dump his rucksack when he sees Shirley. The hearse arrives and Shirley bans Andrew, Dot and Rose from the service. Ben and Jay are nervous about doing a reading. Ben nearly loses it in front of the congregation. DS Crisp watches from the back and uses his phone – he’s going to make an arrest!

Back in the Square, Shirley breaks down on Dot, saying she’s waiting for a sign from Heather. Ben tries to retrieve his rucksack, but it’s missing. At the wake, Ben realises Jean and Alfie have picked up the rucksack. He gets to it before they have a chance to look inside. As Billy makes a toast to Heather, DS Crisp walks in and says he wants to speak to Mr Mitchell. Phil, Ben and Jay go pale… but Billy is arrested!

Janine’s frustrated by Michael’s lack of interest when she talks about all the expensive things she’s ordered for the wedding, including a glitter cannon! Janine is further annoyed when Michael hesitates over signing the pre-nup. After a talk with Jean, Michael returns and signs the document, telling Janine that if it’ll make her happy he’ll do it.