Heather hasn’t had the money to pay for electric. With no heating or hot water Heather is forced to bath George in the launderette sink. Heather is gutted when she discovers her shift has been cancelled at the launderette and she confronts Dot. Her day gets even worse when Shirley doesn’t have the cash to pay her for her cleaning job. Heather accuses Shirley of being a bad friend.

Heather is elated when Patrick gives her 20 pounds for being ’employee of the month’ at the Minute Mart. Heather returns the money when she realises Patrick made up the award to help her out. Morgan breaks George’s pram by accident. Carol threatens to call the police when Heather rummages through Morgan’s pockets for cash to pay for the damage.

Desperate for money, Heather leaves George home alone to visit her mum, but she’s gutted to discover Queenie has moved away. Pushed to her limit, Heather realises she can’t look after George and takes him to live with Darren. When Heather gets back, Shirley has left her wages and Carol and Morgan apologise for the buggy. Heather feels hopeful for the first time in ages. Later, Shirley comes banging on the door, but gets no answer not realising Heather is inside unconscious as the faulty boiler leaks deadly fumes…