Heath’s allowed a visit from Darcy

Bianca’s proud of Heath for his efforts at counselling and believes it’s the best chance he has to get Darcy back. As if to confirm this, Connie agrees to allow Darcy to visit and Bianca prepares to bake a cake to celebrate but then Connie changes her mind, leaving Heath inconsolable. Later, Bianca tries to comfort Heath but he’s fed up with pretending to be someone he’s not.

Gina feels that Zac will have a better chance of finding a job if he writes a letter of remorse but he reveals he wouldn’t have done anything differently in his life. With his experience of prison has come greater understanding of what it’s like to be scared and alone as a teenager and he believes this will make him a better teacher. Impressed, Gina offers to write a letter of recommendation.

Rosie’s worries about returning to school materialise when Mullens verbally attacks her and Sasha rushes to her defence. Gina tries to stop the bullying but Sasha feels it’s not enough and wants him out of school. Mullens insists Rosie’s lying and when the police drop the charges against him, Rosie’s left feeling humiliated and alone. He compounds the issue by asking her out on a date in front of his friends, which is too much for Sasha who punches him in the face.

Also, Brax is finding it difficult to get Ricky to commit to him.