Heath’s mum Cheryl causes chaos in the Braxton household when she invades their privacy and generally picks on Bianca, but when she suggests to her son that Bianca won’t stick around for long, Bianca has had enough. She stands up to Cheryl who shows a begrudging admiration, and she decides there and then to return home. Heath is impressed and tells Bianca so, but when she goes to feed Rocco, she’s horrified to discover she can’t wake him up…

Marilyn doesn’t want to talk to Roo about her problems with John, but Roo manages to get her to take Gina’s order in the diner, where Gina thanks her for trying to help them reconcile. But Roo can see that something’s wrong and confronts Marilyn, who admits that John had tried to kiss her. Unfortunately, Jett overhears and tells Gina.

And Sid meets with Dex’s physiotherapist, Lisa, to discuss his son’s progress, but a lunchtime chat turns into a passionate embrace in the back of Sid’s car.