Heath’s old flame arrives

April fears her secret and steamy affair with Heath is in jeopardy when his old flame, Henri Brown, arrives in town. She’s got a job as a teacher at Summer Bay High. And it looks like April has reason to worry when Henri turns up at the shared house and invites Heath out for a drink.

Brax continues to fight for ownership of Angelo’s, after Heath made them in debt to Geoffrey King to the tune of 25,000 dollars. Leah finds out the extent of the debt and talks to Roo about helping Brax out. When Geoffrey turns up looking for his money, however, things take a dramatic turn and Brax lays his life on the line for his business.

Xavier feels bad about kissing Sasha last week and attempts to make amends, but his efforts prove futile. Sid is anxious about his daughter’s wellbeing and expresses his concerns to Gina. Xavier keeps his distance from Sasha, which leaves her feeling conflicted. Does she care about him after all?