Heath’s out of jail

Heath gets bail and returns to the Bay, unnerving some of the locals. Brax warns Heath to keep his head down now he’s back in the Bay as he’s living on borrowed time until the trial. Casey is worried about Heath taking out his arrest by Charlie on Ruby. He tells Ruby he doesn’t want her visiting the house and it may be best if they cool things for a while.

Charlie finds out that one of the River Boys has ratted out Brax as the gang leader. Brax is brought into the police station for questioning and is told that the allegations include manufacturing and supplying drugs. Charlie is stunned by this turn of events and needs to know whether Brax really was involved in that level of criminality. When Brax can’t deny it she tells him it’s over.

Alf encourages Roo to talk to Sid. Roo tells Sid that although she’s moved out she wants them to have a relationship but she but needs to be wooed. Sid agrees to fresh start. Morag is moving back to the city and offers Roo her room. But it means sharing Summer Bay House with Marilyn…

Alf allays Roo’s fears and tells her that Marilyn has been very supportive of making things work.