*Part three of three*

Supt. Heaton and MP Paul Sagger are in shock after being shot at while driving away from the hospital. A car Heaton saw speeding away is traced to Alfie Ruiz. When questioned, Ruiz admits he’s a private investigator, hired by Sagger’s soon to be ex-wife but swears he wasn’t involved in the shooting.

Ruiz also says that he knows the MP has dealings with Abdul Muntqim, the man Mura mentioned before dying. The officers track down Muntqim as he breathes his final breath. And after finding Derek Jacobs’ army badge beside him, the MP’s assistant becomes the central suspect for killing Muntqim and the shootings.

When Sagger’s partner, Sandra Finch, reveals that Sagger used her son’s coffin to smuggle in looted goods, Sagger is charged. At that moment, Jacobs appears, grabs Sagger and shows he’s wearing a vest made of explosives and he’s ready to push the detonator…