Heaton gets a blast from the past

DS Stuart Turner and DC Mickey Webb are called to the scene of an arson attack and suspicious death. While questioning the neighbours, Stuart speaks to a man called Ray Moore about the fire.

Back at Sun Hill, the mention of Ray’s name rattles Supt John Heaton, who tells Stuart, Mickey and DCI Jack Meadows that Ray is into extortion and blackmail and is also a violent psychopath. They’ll need to be one step ahead if they want to bring him down.

Heaton calls his estranged wife, Rhiannion, and warns her to take their daughter away from London as Ray is back – leaving a curious Mickey and Jack to uncover just how Heaton and Ray know each other…

Elsewhere, Pcs Emma Hinckley and Will Fletcher are working on a case against a well-known thug. While Pcs Reg Hollis and Tony Stamp go in search of a key witness who’s done a runner, Emma’s lawyer husband Matt helps the officers get a result.