Heaton is determined to get justice for Alistair

After 17-year-old athlete Alistair Ransome is found beaten to death, Supt Heaton and DCI Jack Meadows tell officers that Simon Thorn and girlfriend, Katie Fielding, are the key suspects, but there’s no evidence to charge them. Heaton calls a press conference, which he hopes will prompt Simon and Katie to confess – but they are as shocked as anyone to hear that previous suspect Michael Fleming has been released.

As the case continues, Crime Scene Examiner Eddie Olosunje reveals that Alistair died from a puncture wound to the top of his spine. He has the piece of wood which he believes is the murder weapon but a crucial nail is missing. Fibres from Katie’s jacket were found in Alistair’s wound, but there is still nothing linking Simon to the murder, which spurs Heaton on to find the missing part of the murder weapon.

When the bloodied nail is eventually recovered, Simon and Katie are hauled back into Sun Hill where they finally give their accounts of what really happened the night Alistair was killed. As Heaton listens in on both interviews, he’s stunned when the truth is revealed…