Met press officer, Mia Perry, confronts Supt. John Heaton about the boy who died during the previous day’s high-speed car chase involving Pcs Will Fletcher and Diane Noble. Heaton tells CID that the driver, Paddy Morgan, is now presumed dead, and he’s convinced that Morgan was being targeted by a hit-man of known associate Ray Moore.

Later, Heaton learns from Inspector Gina Gold that Moore’s daughter Annie is threatening a boy with a gun. Just as they get to the house, Moore arrives. Heaton gets Moore to talk his daughter into dropping the weapon, but when Moore ignores orders to wear gloves (thus not adding his fingerprints to the weapon), Heaton has Annie arrested.

Back at the station, Heaton tells CID that he’s convinced the gun was used to kill Morgan and he’s determined to prove it – especially if it means working with DC Mickey Webb’s girl Mia.

Elsewhere, Gina is surprised when her married lover, Peter Harris turns up at the station unannounced, and she agrees to spend the night with him.