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Ten law-abiding citizens try to pull off a heist and remain uncaught by police for 16 days In a bid to win £25,000 each

The Heist has an air of C4’s Hunted about it – but with the added complication of a quarter of a million pounds at stake!

A team of 10 law-abiding citizens from Thirsk in North Yorkshire, the town where they all live and work,  are challenged to plan and execute a raid on a cash-in-transit van parked in their hometown and, in under 20 minutes, bust its doors and escape with the readies.

‘The closest I’ve ever been to a criminal is nicking sweets from the pick ‘n’ mix at Woolworths when I was five years old,’ says one of the team, a school inspector.

The 10 rendevouz on a train to plan The heist

If they can pull off the heist, split and hide the cash and remain uncaught for 
16 days, they get to keep £25,000 each.

Think it sounds easy? Think again – a crack team of detectives is determined to stop them.

The Heist – The team of 'robbers' must divide and hide the cash...

The team of ‘robbers’ must divide and hide the cash…

The heist may be a set-up but the manhunt is real…

‘They think they’ve got away with it; they’re not going to get away with it,’ says one of the cops on the case.

TV Times rating: ****