Helen’s new housemate

Helen’s delighted – if a little confused – to find herself living with film star, Felix Nash. Felix, on the other hand, is growing increasingly desperate. He finds himself unable to leave the house and resorts to drastic measures in a bid to escape.

John turns up at Helen’s house after burning his own house down when he found Debbie in bed with Tim, and his sister is only too happy to let him stay. John can’t see Felix and begins to think that Helen’s going mad.

Spurned by Helen, Tony struggles to work on his script in a noisy cafe. Nicole invites him round to her flat so that he can write in peace – but does she have an ulterior motive?

Tim, meanwhile, decides to make himself scarce – but Mrs Wadlow is only too happy to invite him in and gives him cash as an incentive to keep ‘popping round’.

Elsewhere, Marcus finds out that Imelda thinks he’s gay and Imelda discovers that Marcus thinks she’s a lesbian. Which gets her thinking…