Hell hath no fury like a heartbroken teenager

Sophie tells Kate she can’t help with the history wall anymore as she has too much school work to do, but remembering that Noah is involved, and still upset after finding out he has a crush on someone, she decides to help, in a bid to spend time with him. However, when she sees Noah and Summer chatting, she puts two and two together and thinks his crush is on Summer.

Jealous, she kicks a bucket of paint at Summer, pretending it’s an accident. Noah isn’t so sure. Back home, an upset Sophie puts all the photos of her mum face down and runs out the house. Kate’s horrified when she comes home later to find Sophie has had her nose pierced and in a heated moment between them Kate tells her she knows about her crush on Noah.

Toadie agrees to start trying for a baby and Sonya and Callum are thrilled. Sonya heads over to see Jade and when she’s not home, she takes the opportunity to speak to Rhys. Telling him she’s a recovering addict, she worries when he tells her there could be complications, but assures her she doesn’t need to worry about it at this stage.