Max and Tom are thrilled to be in the flat and free of Clare but Max is horrified when she makes it clear she’ll stop at nothing to get her hands on The Loft – even if it means shopping Max to social services and putting Tom in a home. Max ends up getting drunk and to OB’s horror starts talking to Warren about how to get rid of his Clare problem for good. But Warren’s got other things on his mind – not least, getting some incriminating CCTV footage of his new bouncers, Sonny and Justin.

Jake and Nancy face upheaval as Jake informs Frankie he’s moving in with Nancy, and Nancy tells Freddie he needs to look for a new flat. But Jake wonders if he’s done the right thing when Frankie turns up fussing around as soon as he sets foot in Nancy’s place. And even Nancy questions if she’s stepped into a nightmare, when she’s forced to get up at 1am to help Jake put a grisly Charlie back to sleep.

Zak is annoyed when Elliot turns up at Halls looking for Jess, although he decides to pick Elliot’s brains by asking him if he can think of any money-making schemes. And he’s very interested when Elliot mentions he’s seen an advert for medical trials which pay £100 per day.