Hell is for Children

A car theft leads to a gut-wrenching case of child abuse and another bad shift for Pc Leon Taylor… Leon’s driving around an estate with Pc Nate Roberts when they find Lily Wright screaming that her baby girl, Chelsea, has been taken. In fact, her car has been stolen and Chelsea was still strapped in her seat in the back. The car’s soon found but Chelsea’s gone. Inspector Smith breaks the bad news to Lily and Chelsea’s dad, Gavin Downy and an angry Gavin takes off.

The Sun Hill officers quickly identify junkie Danny Grant as the car/child snatcher. But Gavin already knows Danny is the culprit and gets to him first, beating him up and finding out where Chelsea is. He gets to the baby at the same time as Leon and Nate, who see the screaming child is covered in bruises. When he’s able to talk, Danny insists he didn’t know Chelsea was in the car when he took it and certainly didn’t harm her.

That takes Leon and Nate back to Lily and Gavin. Do they know how Chelsea got the bruises? An angry Gavin refuses to answer questions and storms out with the baby. Lily refuses to say anything and asks the cops to leave, which makes them sure Gavin is abusing Chelsea. Can they find the baby before Gavin hurts her any more?