The emergency department is still in crisis following last week’s explosive episode. And the press and public add to the pressures of the doctors and nurses, as they demand to know what went wrong. Also, the press have nicknamed the ED ‘Hellby’. And the drama isn’t over yet!

Matters take a turn for the worse when war veteran Leslie and young boy Amir are brought in suffering wounds inflicted by an explosion caused by Amir.

The lad found hand grenades in Leslie’s shed – and reveals to the medics that he still has one of them with him! When Amir pulls the pin, the Emergency Department is evacuated leaving just Amir, Leslie and Charlie behind.

Meanwhile, unconcerned by the fallout from the college incident, Ruth arrives at work excited about a new surgical job she’s applied for. It should be a formality, especially with new husband Edward to put in a good word for her.