Katie’s ridden her quad bike down a mineshaft (and, no, she wasn’t following satnav directions) and Declan’s efforts to rescue her have caused the shaft to collapse, putting Katie further out of reach. In fact, Katie’s so far down the hole that the rescue team can’t find her. She’s down there, though, injured, dirty and tired…and clearly confused as she thinks her mobile phone will work down there! It doesn’t, which upsets Katie, but she really panics when the lights die on the quad bike. But that’s not the worst of it. There’s another collapse of the mine shaft.

Is there any way out? Well, there is a tunnel and Katie sees it and starts crawling through it. Up top, the rescue workers get bad news… The wet weather could cause the mine shaft to flood. Declan is devastated and Nicola thinks he needs support – so she calls Megan. Really? Last time Megan saw Declan she was so angry with him she’s likely to want to throw him down the mine after Katie.

Edna’s digging deep into her purse to pay Tootsie’s vet bills, but she’s still coming up short. And she’s going to have even less cash after Charity cuts her working hours.

Ali wants to earn more money and thinks she can get a job as Sales Manager – even though she can only just read the words Sales Manager.