Lynette suspects Tom of setting fire to Rick’s restaurant. Tom flatly denies any involvement but is then confronted by Rick and a fight ensues, landing all three of them in the police station. When Tom is questioned about his whereabouts, Lynette lies and provides an alibi, but her mistrust of Tom isn’t dispelled until the twins later confess that they set the fire.

Gabrielle and Carlos’s new guide dog, Roxy, don’t get on. Every time Gaby shouts at Carlos, Roxy barks at her, and when Carlos allows Roxy onto the bed, Gabrielle hands him an ultimatum – it’s her or the dog. Carlos chooses the dog. Fed up, Gaby takes Roxy back to the guide dog centre, telling Carlos that the dog has run away. But Roxy has followed her home.

Dylan is stopped for speeding by a traffic cop but let off with a warning. She meets the cop again the next day, however, and he reveals himself to be her father, Wayne Davis. Dylan is intrigued and they later arrange to meet for dinner, without Katherine’s knowledge.

Julie tells Mike of Orson’s sleepwalking confession and, when Mike decides to confront him, Orson breaks down and begs forgiveness. Later, when Mike tells Susan, she storms into the Hodges’ house and orders Orson to stay away from her family.