Hello, son!

So, just as Jimmy and Nicola were off to give Jimmy’s remodelled crown jewels a polish, he got a mysterious phone call. So did Bob. Now who is it that they have in common? Kelly! No! Yes! What a passion-killer! Good job, then, that Jimmy hasn’t said anything to Nicola. They’ve had their night away and Nicola’s feeling good – until she answers a knock at her door.

Standing on the other side is Bob, and standing next to him, with a suitcase, is Elliot, Jimmy’s son with Kelly. It could be worse, Kelly could be standing there, too. But she’s not. She’s gone off to America for six months with her new bloke (and, presumably, the new bloke’s seeing and hearing guide dog) and Jimmy’s going to look after Elliot. Except that’s not what Nicola wants. This time, though, it’s Jimmy who gets what he wants: his son.

Moving into a care home is not what Sandy wants – it’s what Ashley is forcing him to do. And Sandy can’t tell anyone about it. So when Edna and Turner visit and start asking awkward questions there’s nothing sad Sandy can do but ask them to leave.

Chas isn’t getting what she wants, either. She wants Cameron, but he wants to make things work with Debbie. Well, today he does, but their future is far from solid.